Detoxify Your Body With Kombucha Tea

Antibiotic Properties Found in Kombucha

It has been proven by Russian research that the ingredients found in Kombucha tea (or ‘tea kvass’ in Russia) include a wide range of antibiotic properties that can help fight cancers amongst other diseases.

Nobel Prize winning Russian author Alexander Solzhenitsyn credited drinking kombucha each and every day for beating his stomach cancer when he was in the soviet labor camps.

President Ronald Reagan learnt of Solzhenitsyn’s experience and drank kombucha as part of a program to stop his cancer spreading in 1987.

Certain properties of Kombucha tea can stop the developing phenomena and colonization process of certain bacteria and yeasts. There exists a set of organisms in the Kombucha tea, which include usnic acid and it’s believed that usnic acid is greatly responsible behind the antibiotic features that Kombucha offers.

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A Healthy Gut Means A Healthy Body

The best thing about Kombucha is its ability to detoxify the body. Many illnesses are often associated with unwanted and harmful toxins in the human body, so it is in our best interest to rid our body of toxins that are causing or has the potential to cause harm.

Drinking kombucha tea on a regular basis and incorporating it into your daily diet will also strengthen and support the glandular system.


Flushes Out Toxins that Causes Many Diseases

Moreover, it has been proven that regular consumption of this fermented tea can get rid of some serious diseases and illnesses, including arthritis (as Kombucha is rich in glucosamine which helps in preventing arthritis pain), constipation, fatigue, gout, arteriosclerosis, cancer, and multiple sclerosis.

Kombucha tea’s probiotic elements helps in the detoxification of the entire body getting rid of, or reducing symptoms of candida and digestive problems. It has also assisted sufferers of  fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety. It cleanses the body so that it can start functioning properly again.

Boosts The Body’s Immune System

It has also been discovered by German researchers that Kombucha enhances the operating process of the immune system by boosting interferon levels.

Unfortunately when Kombucha reached the US in the 1990s, no pharmaceutical company wanted to test or verify these research results as it was not economically viable. Kombucha can be made at home for as little as 50 cents and was not a money spinner for these companies.

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Natural Healing and Detoxification

The best thing about a kombucha culture and kombucha tea is that they can assist the body to heal gently and naturally, without causing any side effects that most synthetic drugs usually have.

1) Your digestive system will function at an optimal level to ensure healthy gut functions.

2) Your liver will be cleansed of harmful toxins.

3) Kombucha has many beneficial enzymes and acids that will maintain good health.

It’s time to detox your body by embracing kombucha.



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