Kombucha Contraindications

Like any food, Kombucha is not a suitable option for everybody. If you’re sick and tired with your sufferings and want to intake Kombucha as a solution to get rid off your sufferings, you then should intake Kombucha in a proper schedule. The beneficial features that Kombucha offers is not just due to its consumption, it’s actually due to its proper and adequate consumption. Always start preferring Kombucha with a small quantity and raise your intake gradually. It may not be an ideal option in your case, or you may have to be cautious when preferring it if you are going through the following circumstances:

• Diabetic, or any other sugar proscribed diets – Although many diabetic cases have had positive results by preferring Kombucha, it’s important to keep in mind that even though maximum quantity of sugar is diverted into some other components throughout the fermentation course, some still stays in the finished tea as sugar.

• Undergoing alcoholic recovery process – The people willing to remove their alcoholic habits can sometime find it great to intake Kombucha through their recovery stage. Be careful though, Kombucha does acquire a small amount of alcohol. Although the amount of alcohol is normally less than 1 percent of total volume, it may cause a negative impact on your alcoholic recovering process.

• Acquiring a yeast allergy – Most patients suffering from yeast allergies find it a wiser decision to intake Kombucha, but there is also a possibility of a negative effect in some patients.

• Have a poorly performing liver, or any sort of chronic diseases – Kombucha is an extremely powerful detoxifier and will eliminates the body toxins, passing them out through the liver. If your liver doesn’t operate properly, then it’d be better for you to not prefer Kombucha.

• Undergoing pregnancy and is breastfeeding mother – If you’re in your pregnancy period, you better not drink Kombucha as it might lead to cause negative impacts to your, as well as your forthcoming children’s health. It is not also recommended to drink if you’re a breastfeeding mother.